Saturday, December 30, 2006

Remote Groupie's Juana T-shirt

Hello everyone.

Wala siguro akong magawang matino sa buhay ko kaya gumawa nalang ako ng Juana t-shirt. Hehehe. Kung nakapanood kayo ng Art Jam, alam nyo kung pa'nu gumawa ng simpleng "print" sa isang simpleng white t-shirt.

Heto yung pics. Tada!

From Geloy's Album

bye :-) happy new year!

isang pahabol...

I'm working on a little proyekto that I hope will strengthen Juana's presence on the web. Hehehe :-)

isa pa...

Nagtatampo na ako sa MYX, text ako ng text na i-play ang RNQC, pero di pa rin pini-play. Bakit ba minsan lang i-play ang mga kanta ng Juana samantalang "overkill" na ang mga music videos ng Sponge Cola o Kamikazee?

Monday, December 18, 2006

Sino si Juana

***The contents of this post were taken from the Juana website. ( > band profile)

Sino si Juana?

( Oo nga… sino ba talaga yang babaeng yan?! )

Juana carries a fresh sound born out of influences ranging as far apart as jazz to progrock and the Eraserheads to Natalie Merchant; a sound that they hope shall continue to evolve as their own personalities evolve as well; since music, just like life, never reaches a true standstill.

Contrary to popular belief, Juana is not just one woman rocking away, but is infact composed of Shirley de Guzman on vocals, Marvin Dimal on guitars, Sheila Rosete on drums and Magoo del Mundo on bass. Their diverse musical backgrounds, just like their personalities, give the unique and original flavor that Juana brings to the music table.

Juana has toured the bar circuit, having played at Mayric’s, Freedom Bar, CityJam, Bloogum, Saguijo, Chaciquos, Hard Rock CafĂ©, 19East and also rocked the Araneta Colisuem, among other notable venues. They have played with Dictalicense, Spongecola, Stonefree, Rivermaya, Kitchie Nadal, Join the Club, Barbie Amalbis & The Dawn among a long list of respected and notable musicians in the Philippines.

Juana’s debut album is currently out, entitled Misbehavior under Warner Music Philippines.

Guys, meet Juana!

(the names and faces behind the enigma)

Name: Shirley Manzano de Guzman

Alma Mater: College of St. Benilde

Influences: Natalie Merchant, Country Music

The voice behind the music. Shirley usually gets mistaken to be the persona of Juana. This front woman may seem to be like a highschool student out of a Korean telenovela when she steps up on stage, but wait `til you hear her sing! Currently taking up Business Administration, majoring in management, Shirley was the lead vocalist of the group Acrid Fumes, where they played the local music circuit and also for some companies.

A unique singing voice and her charm coupled with her crazy and sometimes crowd teasing performances give Shirley that connection to her audience. Don’t get her wrong, everything she does is perfectly within the boundaries of modesty. Showing skin isn’t the only way to get a crowd going! Wondering what she does? Well, watch her live to find out!

Name: Sheila Rosete
Alma Mater: Miriam College

Influences: Sublime, Goldfinger, Incubus, STP,

Cake and Red Hot Chili Peppers

Don’t let her cutie girl look mislead you. Sheila is one of today’s female rock drummers with experience under her belt. Despite the fact that her looks are a package enough to draw the guys’ attention, they end watching the set with mouth agape as Sheila sets of a fireworks-like display of drum soloing. Usually silent and lost in her own world (possibly because of all the drum patterns she hears in her head) Sheila is also very friendly and accommodating.

A graduate from Miriam College, she played drums for the all-girls rock group Kelts Cross for six years, where they won a gold record award for one of their recordings. She then moved on to join Prettier Than Pink and Red Rose, providing the steady rhythm of the drums for both groups. She has played in almost all the important gig joints in and out of Manila. Aside from playing drums, Sheila is also one of the main songwriters for Juana. She also teaches Drums and Piano and has a love affair for dogs.

Name: Marvin Dimal

Alma Mater: UP-Manila

Influences: Jimi Hendrix, BB King, Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Paul Gilbert, Metallica, Dream Theater, Eraserheads and Juan Dela Cruz

Marvin started playing drums at the age of 14. Two years later he eventually found himself loving the guitar more after hearing Jimi Hendrix play. He stood as lead guitarist for JointPlay, his college band in UP-Manila, where he finished BS Physical Therapy. His guitar licks add color, depth and personality to the rhythm and groove laid down by Sheila and Magoo. One of today’s most promising guitar shred masters, he is not only limited to speed and accuracy on the fret board but also leaves orgasmic inducing blues and rock solo that will leave you either weeping out of sheer emotion or clamoring for more! His wit& humor definitely do not choke the intelligence and artistry he churns out on his Guitar.

Most people are surprised when they find out that Marvin is also into poetry writing, cooking and playing pool, but being an excellent kickass guitarist doesn’t mean that you can’t be good at anything else right?

Name: Magoo del Mundo

Alma Mater: UST, UP-Dil

Influences: Abraham Laboriel, Victor Wooten, Charles Mingus, Jeff Porcaro, Vinnie Colaiuta, Claire Marlo, Toto, Moonpools and Caterpillars and Joey Ayala

Laying the groove is what he does. And he does it with flair. Starting out as a guitarist, he eventually shifted to bass when the church praise and worship team needed a bassist. Being musically weaned on Ron Kenoly and Abraham Laboriel, he eventually ended up as the music director for the church’s youth ministry and holds workshops and trainings for worship and music teams of different churches and ministries.

After graduating from UST with a degree in Communication Arts, Magoo auditioned for acceptance in to the College of Music of UP-Diliman, where he pursued his degree in Musicology. He was the only Filipino to be allowed to play Erhu (Chinese violin) with a Chinese Orchestra. Magoo has written scores for theater plays, jingles for advertisements and accompanied poets on solo bass. He has laid the bass for Joey Ayala and also for the UP Jazz Friends. He also occasionally moonlights as a photographer, freelance writer, events host and Voice Over.

***This file was created on May 25, 2006
***Mr Magoo is no longer with the band. Ei, guys, paki-update nyo na lang yung contents. :-)

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Hello, all! I'd just like to inform you that this blog is now ready to accept members to write anything Juana-related. Thanks:-)

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